1960s Classic TV Series Batman Slots @Bet365

bet365 is an online casino dedicated to customer satisfaction, and they have built a slots arena that is unlike any other. They are growing their business by adding games players will love, and they have added five new Caped Crusader slots that plunge you into the depths of Gotham City. New graphics in the 21st Century make each game exciting to look at, and players who are looking for a new gaming experience will find what they need on the site. This article explains each of the five games, and they are explained in great detail as they are presented on Bet365.

#1: 1960s Classic TV Series Batman Slots

Players who are looking for a replication of the the old Batman TV show from the 60s will find it in this game, and they will quite enjoy playing a game that reminds them of the whimsical capers that Batman had at the time. The Caped Crusader is quite dark in the present day, and he was once much more fun.

The slot machine has a progressive payout and jackpot you may encounter at any time. You may line up the Caped Crusader five times for a bonus of a few hundred coins, and you will see the Caped Crusader and Robin drive away in the Batmobile when the the scatters and wilds line up properly. You will see the popular sounds from the game such as “wham” or “pow” when the tiles line up. You may see the scatter symbol on reel one, three or five, and you may find the Gotham City Feature Wheel that allows you more chances to win. All this is set on the background of the 60s, and the sounds will take you back to the original show.

#2: Batman & The Joker Jewels

Batman & The Joker Jewels is an off-shoot of the original 1960s slot machine, and you may partake in it when you are quite interested in his mortal enemy the Joker. The Joker was played quite well by Cesar Romero on the original show, and his image is brought back for the new game.

Batman & The Joker Jewels Slots @Bet365

The game features the Joker as played by Romero, the Caped Crusader as portrayed by Adam Ward and his young ward in Dick Grayson. The game may see these three men stacked upon each other, and the slot will pump out 500 coins for the combination. The game replicates all the sights and sounds of the original game, and it brings back the unique color palette that was used back in the 60s.

#3: Batman & Catwoman Cash

This game brings together Selena Kyle with Bruce Wayne as they are at odds in the city of Gotham. The two have a strained relationship, and that is evident in the game. Players who sit down to play the slot may play for as little as 25p per spin, and they will see tiles that feature Bruce, Selena and their alter egos.

Batman & Catwoman Cash Bet365 Slots

Robin, a helicopter, a mask and a whip used by Catwoman are all featured as tiles, and the game will line up tiles in a number of different ways for players to win. You receive 100 times more than your original bet when you see five of the same tile land on your payline, and the Cat Burglar bonus appears on reels one or three. The pink tile will scatter the tiles to winners, and you will see the board change completely as you spin. You may win quite a lot when you have run across the bonuses in the game, and you will enjoying revisiting the relationship between Bruce Wayne and the vixen known as Catwoman.

#4: Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza

Vegas slots are quite exciting to play when you come to the casino at Bet365, and you will find the combination of Barbara Gordon and Bruce Wayne is one you cannot miss out on. Barbara dresses herself as Batgirl to help avenge the city of Gotham, and she is featured in her own game along with Bruce.

Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza slots at Bet365.com

Robin appears in the game with the gang, and they are tempted to fall in line on the reels where they produce bonuses that are enticing for every player. You may find locked re-spins in the game that will spin one and two together, or you may strike it rich while re-spinning reels three through five. You receive a bonus if you find on character five in a row, and you may run across the scatter symbol that will create instant winners.

#5: Batman and The Riddler Riches

The Riddler appears with the Caped Crusader in this game as they attempt to outwit each other. Edward Nigma is a genius who knows how to riddle his way around Gotham City, and the game has features that remind everyone playing of how powerful he is when he is in control of the situation.

Batman and The Riddler Riches slots at Bet365 casino

There are collapsing reels and mystery reels in the game that will bend your mind. You may have an idea of how the game is going, and the reel will collapse into something new. You may end up with a winner, and you will find some winners are lost. The mystery reels in the game will reveal themselves to you at the last moment, and there are four jackpots hidden in the game.

You may win up to five times as much as your bet when you hit the collapsing reel properly, and you will see your winnings multiply every time you line up five of the Riddler or the Caped Crusader.

You may play slot machines for as long as you like on Bet365 Casino, and you will find it quite fun to see the Caped Crusader jump across the screen as he hunts the city for the Riddler. There are quite a few people who will win in the game, and they will be taken back to a time when the Riddler wore a green suit that he crafted in his lab in his fight against Gotham.