bet365 is home to some awesome new slot games that you can try, and there are six of them here that will make your life a lot more fun. Take a look at all six games to see which ones will give you the kind of experience that you are looking for.

Theme Park

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is even marketed as a trip down memory lane that you can take with the slot machine into a carnival that will remind you of the ones you went to as a kid. The time that you spent in the carnival is going to be a lot more rewarding now because it actually has to do with winning real money.

Netent created this game with a floating/perspective background. You will play the game on top of the fair background, and there will be balloons floating in the sky. You basically see the whole scene for yourself, and then you spin the reels over that background. It is just like being at the fair, and it gives you a good time when you know that you want to play slots.

Bet365 Vegas Casino Theme Park slot
The tiles in the game are themed like the carnival rides from the carousel to the the carnival ride carriages. You will remember all the fun things you used to do at the carnival when you play the game, and there are special bonus round tiles that will send you into a new dimension where you can earn more cash.

You can press the auto play button if you want the machine to run through all the spins for you, and you will leave your game up to chance by doing that. There is a max bet button that allows you to place the maximum bet on every payline for every spin, and you will progress through different levels based on how well you are doing. It all depends on your current success level as you play.

Airplanes, pastel colors and bright animation all await you when you are playing this game for the first time. You can get into the bonus round if you are lucky, and you can play it free or for cash. There is a running tally of how much money you have made, and you can decide to stop when you think you have gotten ahead. It might be time to go off and play another carnival game.

Vikings Go Wild

Vikings Go Wild is literally about Vikings who are out to win back all their loot. There is a pretty menacing looking lady on the logo, and you know that you can win a lot of money if she is the one that is leading your party through the game. It was put together by Yggdrasil Gaming to offer a new kind of gaming experience that makes you feel like you have been pitted against the game.

You are welcome to actually recruit the vikings that you need to win all your money, and that means that the people that come along on the journey with you are going to change during the game. Some of them are there the whole time, and others have specific skills you need if you want bonuses. There are hidden treasure bonuses that can increase your winnings a lot, and there are free spins and a bonus round.

Vikings go wild @ Bet365 Vegas casino
You actually end up on the longboat with the other vikings when you start playing the game, and you will be floating across the water as you play the game. You get this sort of floating/boat experience that has a perspective on the page as you go. That alone makes the game worth playing, and then you use your vikings to do the rest.

The water even graces the side of the boat as you play, and that makes it feel a lot more real. You can press the button for autoplay, or you can just max bet every spin. There are a lot of tiles on the game that will remind you viking times from the axe to the helmet and the longboat, and you need to pick out the paylines where you want to bet.

Football Champions Cup

Football Champions Cup is a game that lets you hover over the pitch while you are playing on tiles that let you see through them and have a peak at what is on the other side. There is a lot for you to do when you are playing this game, and it all centers on the European championship. There are a lot of players and teams in the tournament, and you will see them all pass through the reels as you go.

Vegas casino football champions cup
The game is set up like any other slot machine, but there is a crowd surrounding you on the pitch that will watch you play this game. They are going to respond to all the things that you do, and they will cheer for you when you do well. You just need to be sure that you are placing the right bets on the right paylines as you go, or you can press the max bet button. This game moves pretty fast because the game itself is pretty fast, and it will start to pile up winnings unless you make your way to the bonus round.

NetEnt created this game to give you a traditional slot machine experience, but it also gives you the crowd cheering in the background. It actually feels nice to be cheered on, and you can but small amounts on every spin until you get in the groove. You can see how much you have won on the bottom of the screen, how many spins you have and the paylines you are betting on.

Dark Joker Rizes

Dark Joker Rizes is a video slot that bathes you in a dark light, and there are really ethereal graphics that are going to sort of suck you into the game before you ever get started. The game was designed by Yggdrasil for their traditional customers, but it drops the Dark Joker into the mix to make the game more interesting. He likes fruit symbols, and that is what makes the game even more interesting and creepy at the same time.

The dark joker rizes bet365 vegas casino slot machine
There is a Jokerize mode in the game that is really interesting because it allows you to win extra bonuses that only happen when you are in that mode. You just have to be sure that you are looking out for the joker tiles that will take you to that special level. You get into the Jokerize mode every time you hit a clean win, and you need to be sure that you collect your 200 coins just for that. You get a couple free spins, and then you can win more money.

The game does ask you to bet on paylines, and it will be much more fun for people on mobile devices because it keeps you on one screen. You probably want to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight, and now you can with this game when you get dropped onto the street. The old slot symbols have a sinister twist on them, and that will kind of unsettle you when you play. However, this is the most fun way to play when you need to hide in a dark corner of gaming.

Casino Zeppelin

Casino Zeppelin was designed by Yggdrasil to offer a kind of experience that makes you feel like you jumped into a steampunk game. These games are really interesting, and they are going to be something that you need to take a really hard look at because it is going to help you play when you have found a lot of other games lacking. You get the cool combination of the old world and modern technology all in one place.

You are floating above the city in this game, and you are going to be able to see the city as you play because it sort of moves in perspective as you play. You can see parts of the city through the tiles on the game, and you will feel like the aircraft is slowly listing as you play. There is a lot of music in the game that will go along with the way that the ship lists, and it will make you feel like you are actually there inside the ship.

Cazino Zeppelin at Bet365 Vegas Casino
You are placed in the airship with people who all seem to be gambling. That is what makes this game so interesting because you are floating above the city and among all these people who are gambling at the same time. It is a nice vibe, and it sort of calms you down when you start playing.You can press the auto play button if you just want it to play itself, or you can press the max bet button when you are feeling lucky. Casino Zeppelin will help you shoot back in time to another place, but it will still let you earn today’s money. That is a nice way to play online, and it lets you escape your reality just for a few moments.


NetEnt has created Nrvna something that helps people get all the black and gold hues they could ever want just like they were in Vegas, but they also need to be sure that they are making choices that are going to make it more fun to play. You are trying to win a game that feels like it came from another world, and it has all these glowing tiles that are going to make you wonder what in the world is going on with the game. It was billed as the Nxt Experience, and it will make you feel like you are being transfigured to another plane of existence.

Bet365 Vegas Casino Nrvna slot machine game
The whole game glows with its multipliers and other bonus symbols, and it helps people who are trying to have a good experience that is much different from what they are used to. The black background on this game is not like anything you have ever seen, but it still works like a regular game. You can hit the auto play button, max bet button or you can play every spin on your own time. Everyone is different, and you can still check out how much you have won when you look at the bottom of the screen.

These six games are brand new additions to the Bet365 family, and they are perfect for people who want to try something new. You can play them for free at Bet365 Vegas Casino if you want, or you can start betting real money on these games. You can play them for free, and then you can get into the betting aspect that makes them even more exciting.